Distortional isomerism in oxomolybdenum systems: the evidence re-evaluated

Bashall, Alan, Bligh, S.W. Annie, Edwards, Andrew J., McPartlin , Mary, Gibson, Vernon C. and Robinson, Oliver B. (1992) Distortional isomerism in oxomolybdenum systems: the evidence re-evaluated. Angewandte Chemie: International Edition in English, 31 (12). pp. 1607-1609. ISSN 1521-3773

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/anie.199216071


Two blue forms of the oxomolybdenum complex [Mo(O)Cl2(PMe2Ph)3] exist, and not one blue and one green or even only one blue form! The molecules of the two blue forms can be characterized and are deformation isomers in which the phosphane ligands are clearly differently oriented, and the Mo[DOUBLE BOND]O bonds have different lengths, which lead to stretching frequencies differing by about 12 cm?1 in the IR spectra of the solids. The lack of change in the IR spectrum for the isomer absorbing at ? = 943 cm?1 on cocrystallization with [MoCl3(PMe2Ph)3] suggests that a crystal packing effect cannot explain the presence of two forms.

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