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Corby, Tom (2002) Loop_Reprise. In: Post-Cagian Interactive, 25 Nov 2001 - 25 Jan 2002, The Machida Museum of Arts, Tokyo.

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Official URL: http://www.reconnoitre.net/loop/loop.html


Interactive sound project: a music player in the work constructs a data-base of cover versions of famous songs found on the Internet, then plays these songs sequentially, effecting a "single" song from the different compositions. Awarded an honorary mention at 'Art on the Net' Tokyo (2001-2). Loop_reprise is a software program that plays different versions of well-known songs. It consists of specially written software that is available on a CD Rom which also contains the database of songs that forms the content of the work. The CD is then playable through any computer. There are currently four different versions of the project, each focusing on a separate song (La Mer, Danny Boy, Muss I Den, Guantanamera). The project allows a user to play the different versions of the (same) song sequentially as a series of repetitions. In looping the song through its different manifestations a unique sound is created that cuts a section through its different cultural interpretations. Loop_reprise makes contributions to the digital arts in two ways: as the project re-used ostensibly copyrighted digital material in the form of songs, it aimed to highlight how new copyright laws were impacting on longstanding artistic practices (e.g. the re-use of found objects as artworks). Additionally, the work proposed that interesting links can be made between old and new cultural forms, e.g. the repetitious unit as a formal device from minimalism, with the ‘repeated loop’ from digital multimedia. Loop_reprise was awarded a festival prize by jury selection for ‘Art on the Net’ at Machida City Museum of Arts in Tokyo (with 15 other artists in the gallery, 30 other non-award winning prizes were featured in an online gallery). The project was also curated for the Soundtoys website which toured to a number of international venues including ICA; New Forms Festival (Canada) and the Garage Festival Germany. The project was made using Macromedia Director and songs found and downloaded from the Internet. Concept and production solely by Corby.

Item Type:Show/Exhibition
Additional Information:Group show: co-exhibitors included Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Amy Alexander and Trip Dixon. ALSO Soundtoys website and touring exhibition, numerous venues including: 'Cybersonica 02: Convergence - new audiovisual experiences', Institute of Contemporary Arts, UK. Also Vancouver, Germany
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