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Book Section

Getov, Vladimir (1992) 1-Dimensional parallel FFT benchmark on SUPRENUM. In: PARLE '92 Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe: 4th International PARLE Conference Paris, France, June 15–18, 1992 proceedings. Lecture notes in computer science (605). Springer, Berlin ; London, pp. 163-174. ISBN 9783540555995

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Conference or Workshop Item

Locke, Ian C., Ramsey, M.P., Hill, S.S. and Carpenter, B.G. (1992) Automated analysis of the deoxyribonuclease active constituents of the medicament Varidase ®. In: IMLS XX Triennial Conference, 9/1992, Liverpool, UK.

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Wilson, K. Y. (1992) The impact of appraisal decisions. In: Her Majesty's Customs and Excise, Equal Opportunity Officers' Conference, 1992, Nottingham, England, UK.

Wilson, K. Y. (1992) The impact of appraisal systems on ethnic minority staff. In: Cabinet Office Equal Opportunity Officers' Conference, 1992, Bath, England, UK.


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Megson, Graham M. (1992) An introduction to systolic algorithm design. Oxford science publications . Clarendon, Oxford. ISBN 0198538138


Sprio, Margherita, Doherty, Willie, Hirst, Damien and Gillick, Liam (1992) Molteplici culture. [Show/Exhibition]


Thorburn, Jane (1992) The dazzling image: series 2. [Video]

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