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Beus-Dukic, Ljerka (2000) Criteria for selection of COTS real-time operating system: a survey. In: Data Systems in Aerospace Conference (DASIA 2000), 22-24 May 2000, Montreal, Canada. (Submitted)

Beus-Dukic, Ljerka (2000) Non-functional requirements for COTS software components. In: ICSE 2000 Workshop on Continuing Collaborations for Successful COTS Development, 04-05 Jun 2000, Limerick, Ireland. (Submitted)


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Kapetanios, Epaminondas, Norrie, Moira C. and Fuhrer-Stakic, D. (2000) MDDQL: a visual query language for metadata driven querying. In: Advances in Visual Information Management: proceedings of the Fifth Working Conference on Visual Database Systems (VDB5), Fukuoka, Japan, May 10-12, 2000. IFIP Conference Proceedings (168). Kluwer Academic Publishers, London, UK, p. 297. ISBN 0792378350

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Schilling, Julian, Faisst, K., Kapetanios, Epaminondas, Wyss, P., Norrie, Moira C. and Gutzwiller, F. (2000) Appropriateness and necessity research on the internet: using a "second opinion system". Methods of Information in Medicine, 39 (3). pp. 233-237. ISSN 0026-1270

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