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Al Elsheikh, Abdullah Abdullatef and Tanega, Joseph (2011) Sukuk structure and its regulatory environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Law and Financial Markets Review, 5 (3). pp. 183-200. ISSN 1752-1440

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Clayton, Thompson J. (2011) Ethics and Loss of Chance in Medical Causation. Globalising European Bioethics Education.

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Book Section

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Brown, Adam, Jaquiss, Kevin, James, Mark, Kiernan, Annabel and Osborn, Guy (2011) Developing public policy to encourage supporter community ownership in football. Working Paper. Supporters Direct.

Brown, Adam, Jaquiss, Kevin, James, Mark, Kiernan, Annabel, Osborn, Guy, Boyle, Dave and Hall, Tom (2011) Developing football regulation to encourage supporter community ownership in football. Working Paper. Supporters Direct.

Hodges, C., Creutzfeldt, N. and Benöhr, I. (2011) The Hidden World of Consumer ADR: Redress and Behaviour (report on ADR conference in Oxford 2011). UNSPECIFIED. The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society.

Conference or Workshop Item

Lambert, Helene (2011) The significance of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees to the development of asylum law in Europe since 1951. In: Conference on the Common European Asylum System and the 60th Anniversary of the adoption of the Refugee Convention, Warsaw. (Unpublished)

Mandic, D. (2011) Copyright Law and Technology: Challenging the Concept of Balance. In: Fifth Advanced Research Forum on Intellectual Property Rights, WIPO, 23 to end of 25 May 2011, Geneva, Switzerland. (Unpublished)


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Abbey, Robert M. and Richards, Mark B. (2011) A practical approach to conveyancing (13th ed.). Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199609420

Gray, Tallyn (2011) Justice and the Khmer Rouge: concepts of just response to the crimes of the democratic Kampuchean regime in Buddhism and the extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia at the time of the Khmer Rouge tribunal. Working papers in contemporary Asian studies (36). Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University, Sweden. ISBN 9789197808262


Nadj, Daniela (2011) ICTY wartime sexual violence jurisprudence and the surrounding debate: a critical feminist analysis. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.


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