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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Mano, Winston (2004) The impact of Radio Zimbabwe adult talk on a national audience. In: Santa Chiara Graduate College, 26 Jul - 01 Aug 2004, University of Siena, Italy. (Submitted)


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Bilissi, Efthimia (2004) Aspect of image quality and the Internet. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Hartmann, Maren (2004) Technologies and Utopias: the cyberflâneur and the experience of being online. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Reddington, Helen (2004) Unprecedented access? Women instrumentalists in punk bands 1976-1984: an exploration. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Selwood, Sara (2004) Intentions & effects: the rhetoric of current cultural policy in England. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Vatikiotis, Pantelis (2004) The echoes of grassroots media practices in Greece: a sociological approach. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.


Broach, Zoe and Kirby, Brian (2004) Skin tight: the sensibility of the flesh. [Show/Exhibition]

Brown, Christie (2004) Christie Brown, Heidi Morstang. [Show/Exhibition]

Corby, Tom (2004) Gameboy UltraF_uk. [Show/Exhibition]

Farqhuar, Marcia (2004) In conversation. [Show/Exhibition]

Gray, Richard and McQueen, Alexander (2004) Alexander McQueen in Fashion at Belsay. [Show/Exhibition]

Maziere, Michael (2004) Flight. [Show/Exhibition]

Mey, Kerstin (2004) Project coordinator and curator: Body Memory. [Show/Exhibition]

Orlow, Uriel (2004) Instead (dialogue with an absent friend). [Show/Exhibition]

Orlow, Uriel (2004) Mnemoscapes. [Show/Exhibition]

Orlow, Uriel (2004) A picturesque journey. [Show/Exhibition]

Tabrizian, Mitra (2004) Beyond the limits: silent majority. [Show/Exhibition]

Tabrizian, Mitra and Golding, Andy (2004) The perfect crime. [Show/Exhibition]

Twomey, Clare (2004) Consciousness/concience. [Show/Exhibition]

Twomey, Clare (2004) Heirloom. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2004) Colourfield: new work. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2004) Edmund de Waal at Roche Court. [Show/Exhibition]


Parker, Evan, Beresford, Steve, Edwards, John and Moholo-Moholo, Louis (2004) Foxes Fox and Freedom of the City 2005. [Composition]


Bringas, Sylvie and Forsberg, Monika (2004) His passionate bride. [Video]

Thorburn, Jane (2004) La Familia Aspirina. [Video]

ten Brink, Joram (2004) Conversation with architects. [Video]

ten Brink, Joram (2004) Journey through the night. [Video]

ten Brink, Joram (2004) Puerto Rico trench. [Video]

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