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Alexomanolaki, Margarita, Loveday, Catherine and Kennett, Chris (2006) Music and memory in advertising: music as a device of implicit learning and recall. In: 9th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, August 22-26 2006: Proceedings. ICMPC-ESCOM, Bologna, Italy, pp. 1190-1198. ISBN 8873951554


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Broach, Zoe and Kirby, Brian (2006) Hunter gatherer. [Show/Exhibition]

Brown, Christie (2006) Collective traces. [Show/Exhibition]

Brown, Christie (2006) Collective traces. Ceramics Technical, 23. ISSN 1324-4175

Brown, Christie (2006) Embodying transformation. Interpreting Ceramics, 8. ISSN 1471-146X

Brown, Christie (2006) Foundation deposits. [Show/Exhibition]


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Corby, Tom (2006) CYCLONE.SOC. [Show/Exhibition]

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Dean, Judith M. (2006) Field. [Artefact]

Dean, D.S., Lancaster, D.J. and Majumdar, S.N. (2006) A statistical mechanics approach to random euclidean MAX TSP. In: Ninth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, 04-06 Jan 2006, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dunn, Peter (2006) Underhill Circus public artwork. [Artefact]

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de Waal, Edmund (2006) Blackwell: a response Edmund de Waal. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2006) Vessel, perhaps. [Show/Exhibition]


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Gray, Richard (2006) Morpho-illogical: Collage Reportage. [Show/Exhibition]


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Ingawanij, May Adadol (2006) Transistor and temporality: the rural as modern Thai cinema's pastoral. In: Representing the rural : space, place, and identity in films about the land. Wayne State University Press, Detroit, pp. 80-100. ISBN 0814333052

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McArthur, S, Siddique, ZL, Christian, HC, Capone, G, Theogaraj, E, John, CD, Smith, SF, Morris, JF, Buckingham, JC and Gillies, GE (2006) Perinatal glucocorticoid treatment disrupts the hypothalamo-lactotroph axis in adult female, but not male, rats. Endocrinology, 147 (4). pp. 1904-1915. ISSN 0013-7227

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Mycroft, Walter (2006) Walter Mycroft: the time of my life: the memoirs of a British film producer: introduced, edited, and annotated by Vincent Porter. Filmmakers series, 125 . Scarecrow Press, Lanham, USA. ISBN 0810857235


Oppenheimer, Joshua (2006) Short films 2001-3. [Video]

Orlow, Uriel (2006) Housed memory. [Show/Exhibition]

Orlow, Uriel (2006) Latent archives, roving lens. In: Ghosting: the role of the archive within contemporary artists' film and video. Picture This Moving Image, Bristol, UK. ISBN 0953987280

Orlow, Uriel (2006) Midday/Midnight (66° 33'). [Show/Exhibition]

Orlow, Uriel (2006) The world possessed. [Show/Exhibition]


Perchard, Tom (2006) Lee Morgan: his life, music and culture. Popular music history . Equinox, London, UK. ISBN 9781845532055

Pucill, Sarah (2006) Stages of mourning. [Show/Exhibition]

Pucill, Sarah (2006) The 'autoethnographic' in Chantal Akerman's news from home, and an analysis of almost out and stages of mourning. In: Experimental film and video: an anthology. John Libbey, Eastleigh, UK, pp. 83-92. ISBN 9780861966646

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Rawlings, Jini (2006) Mariners and migrants: in search of home. [Show/Exhibition]

Ride, Peter (2006) Timeless: time, landscape and new media. [Show/Exhibition]


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Steemers, J. (2006) The BBC's role in the changing production ecology of pre-school television in Britain. In: RIDE@2006: Public Service Broadcasting in a Multichannel Environment: Programmes and Platforms, 16 - 18 Nov 2006, Amsterdam.


Tabrizian, Mitra, Golding, Andy and Nava, Zadoc (2006) 'Border' and 'Tehran' 2006. [Show/Exhibition]

Tabrizian, Mitra and Williams, Christopher (2006) The predator. [Show/Exhibition]

Thussu, Daya Kishan (2006) Mapping global flow and contra-flow. In: Media on the move: global flow and contra-flow. Communication and Society . Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 0415354579

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Twomey, Clare (2006) Temporary. [Show/Exhibition]

Twomey, Clare (2006) Trophy. [Show/Exhibition]

ten Brink, Joram (2006) The journey. [Show/Exhibition]


Way, Maria (2006) Communicating with the world. In: Cross connections: interdisciplinary communications studies at the Gregorian University. Editrice Pontificia Universita Gregoriana, pp. 361-374. ISBN 8878390615

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Wood, Nigel (2006) Cuire au bois en Chine (2). La Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre, 147. pp. 28-31. ISSN 0758-3389

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Wright, Alexa (2006) Cover story. [Show/Exhibition]


Xin, Xin (2006) A developing market in news: Xinhua News Agency and Chinese newspapers. Media, Culture & Society, 28 (1). pp. 45-66. ISSN 0163-4437

Xin, X. (2006) A quarter century of creative chaos: Xinhua News Agency 1980-2005. PhD thesis, University of Westminster.

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