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Aouragh, Miriyam (2008) Everyday resistance on the internet: the Palestinian context. Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, 1 (2). pp. 109-130. ISSN 1751-9411


Barnett, Steven (2008) Can the public service broadcaster survive? Renewal and compromise in the new BBC Charter. In: From public service broadcasting to public service media. Research anthologies and monographs . Nordicom, Göteborg, Sweden, pp. 87-104. ISBN 9789189471535

Barnett, Steven (2008) TV news and the echo of Murrow. British Journalism Review, 19 (4). pp. 37-44. ISSN 0956-4748

Bate, David (2008) Bungled Memories. [Show/Exhibition]

Bate, David (2008) Bungled Memories. [Show/Exhibition]

Blazic, Lara (2008) In this place of safety. [Show/Exhibition]

Brown, Christie (2008) Myths and Legends. [Show/Exhibition]

Brown, Christie (2008) Sterling Stuff 2. [Show/Exhibition] (Unpublished)


Campany, David (2008) Brian Alfred is a person. In: Brian Alfred: Millions now living will never die!!! Haunch of Venison, London, pp. 4-8. ISBN 9781905620210

Campany, David (2008) From ecstacy to agony: cinema and the fashion shoot. Aperture, 190. pp. 40-45. ISSN 0003-6420

Campany, David (2008) Motion pictures: the films of Mark Lewis. Frieze, 112. pp. 124-129. ISSN 0962-0672

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Campany, David (2008) Polaroid: an obituary. Icon, 59. pp. 36-37. ISSN 1479-9456

Campany, David (2008) Re-viewing Rear Window. Aperture, 192. pp. 52-55. ISSN 0003-6420

Campany, David (2008) Strangely simple and simply strange: the photobook for children. Source Magazine, 54. pp. 20-25. ISSN 1369-2224

Campany, David (2008) That obscure object of photography. Photoworks, 10. pp. 4-7. ISSN 1742-1659

Campany, David (2008) The aesthetics of the pixel: Thomas Ruff's JPEGs. IANN Magazine, 2. pp. 32-47. ISSN 2005-1441

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Campany, David (2008) The fashion shoot in cinema. Aperture, 190. ISSN 0003-6420

Campany, David (2008) The one, the many, the one. PA Magazine, 1. pp. 4-5. ISSN 1662-7660

Campany, David (2008) The painting of modern life. Frieze, 112. ISSN 0962-0672

Chatterjee, Ranita (2008) TV review: The story of India with Michael Wood: BBC television series (BBC/PBS: 2007). Global Media and Communication, 4 (3). pp. 369-373. ISSN 1742-7665

Corby, Tom (2008) Landscapes of feeling arenas of action: information visualisation as art practice. Leonardo: Art Science and Technology, 41 (5). pp. 460-467. ISSN 0024-094X


D'Arma, A. and Steemers, J. (2008) Children's television: the soft underbelly of public service broadcasting. In: RIPE@2008 Conference: Public Service Media in the 21st Century: Participation, Partnership and Media Development, 08 - 11 Oct 2008, Mainz, Germany.

Davies, Siobhan and de Waal, Edmund (2008) Siobhan Davies and Edmund de Waal in conversation. [Show/Exhibition]

Dzisah, Wilberforce Sefakor (2008) The news media and democracy in Ghana (1992-2000). Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Craft conscious. The Times, Times2.

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Craft cultures. Ceramic Review, 232. pp. 27-28. ISSN 0144-1825

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Edmund de Waal. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Edmund de Waal. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Edmund de Waal. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Edmund de Waal. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Focus: Jacob van der Beugel. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Modern masters. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2008) North North West. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Some reading on touch. In: Jerwood contemporary makers, London, 5 June-13 July 2008 and Dovecot, Edinburgh, 14 November 2008 - 31 January 2009. Jerwood Visual Arts, London.

de Waal, Edmund (2008) Still life, still lives: Michael Geertsen. Ceramic Review, 232. pp. 48-51. ISSN 0144-1825

de Waal, Edmund (2008) The essay. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund, Game, Amanda and Jönsson, Love (2008) Introduction. In: Jerwood contemporary makers, London, 5 June-13 July 2008 and Dovecot, Edinburgh, 14 November 2008 - 31 January 2009. Jerwood Visual Arts, London.


Eacott, John (2008) The street. [Show/Exhibition]

Ekwenchi, Ogochukwu Charity (2008) Popular fiction television production in Nigeria: global models, local responses. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.


Fuchs, Christian (2008) Internet and society: social theory in the information age. Routledge, New York. ISBN 9780415889926

Fujisawa, N., Brown, K., Nakayama, Y., Hyatt, J. and Corby, Tom (2008) Visualization of scientific arts and some examples of applications. Journal of Visualization, 11 (4). pp. 387-394. ISSN 1343-8875


Gauntlett, David (2008) Creative brainwork: building metaphors of identity for social science research. In: Digital storytelling, mediatized stories: self-representations in new media. Peter Lang, New York. ISBN 9781433102745

Gauntlett, David (2008) Media, gender and identity: an introduction. 2nd edition. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415396615


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Kavada, Anastasia (2008) Decision-making online and offline: the case of the ‘movement for alternative globalization’. In: Democracy, Journalism and Technology: New Developments in an Enlarged Europe: The Intellectual Work of the 2008 ECREA Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School. University of Tartu Press, Tartu, pp. 217-228. ISBN 9789949119721

Kennett, Chris (2008) A tribe called Chris: pop music analysis as idioethnomusicology. Open Space Magazine, 10 (1). ISSN 1525-4267


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Mey, Kerstin (2008) Introduction. In: Arkive city. Locus +, Newcastle and Belfast. ISBN 9781899377305

Mey, Kerstin (2008) A life in the file of … or “Data Protection”. In: Arkive city. Locus +, Newcastle and Belfast, pp. 132-137. ISBN 9781899377305

Morris, Trevor and Goldsworthy, Simon (2008) PR: a persuasive industry? Palgrave. ISBN 9780230205840

Morris, Trevor and Goldsworthy, Simon (2008) Public relations for Asia. Palgrave. ISBN 9780230549418

Morris, Trevor and Goldsworthy, Simon (2008) Public relations for the new Europe. Palgrave. ISBN 9780230205833


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Orlow, Uriel (2008) In these great times. [Show/Exhibition]



Rawlings, Jini (2008) As the crow flies. [Show/Exhibition]

Rawlings, Jini (2008) Tri-angulation. [Show/Exhibition]


Sabry, Tarik (2008) Arab media and cultural studies: rehearsing new questions. In: Arab media: power and weakness. Continuum, London, pp. 237-251. ISBN 9780826428363

Sahin, Sanem (2008) The discursive construction of national identity by the newspapers in North Cyprus. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

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Sparks, Colin (2008) After transition: a comparative study of Poland, Russia and China. In: Finding the right place on the map: Central and Eastern European media change in a global perspective. Intellect, Bristol, UK. ISBN 9781841501932

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Tabrizian, Mitra (2008) This is that place. Tate Publishing, London. ISBN 9781854378149

Thorburn, Jane (2008) Nollywood just doing it. [Video]

Thorburn, Jane (2008) The family legacy. [Video]

Thussu, Daya Kishan (2008) Globalization and Bollywood: the hype and the hope. In: Global Bollywood. New York University Press, New York, pp. 97-116. ISBN 9780814747995

Tong, Jingrong (2008) Journalists and society: a critical study of media and power in China. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Tsagarousianou, Roza and Wen, Ting (2008) Narrating the diaspora: diasporic audiences and the construction of diasporic experience. Journalism & Communication Review. ISSN 1005-2577

Tsagarousianou, R. (2008) Citizenship, community and the public sphere: communication and democracy in multicultural societies. Journal of Area Studies, 4 (8). pp. 31-50. ISSN 1478-2804

Twomey, Clare (2008) Monument. [Show/Exhibition]


Ursu, Marian F., Kegel, Ian, Williams, Doug, Thomas, Maureen, Mayer, Harald, Zsombori, Vilmos, Tuomola, Mika L., Larsson, Henrik and Wyver, John (2008) ShapeShifting TV: interactive screen media narratives. Multimedia Systems, 4 (2). pp. 115-132. ISSN 0942-4962

Ursu, M.F., Kegel, I.C., Williams, D., Thomas, M., Mayer, H., Zsombori, V., Tuomola, M.L., Larsson, H. and Wyver, J. (2008) ShapeShifting TV: interactive screen media narratives. Multimedia Systems, 4 (2). pp. 115-132. ISSN 0942-4962


Watson, Frank (2008) Isles of grain. [Show/Exhibition]

Watson, Frank (2008) Soundings from the estuary. [Show/Exhibition]

Way, Maria (2008) Hero or villain, but always a celebrity: John Paul II. In: Heroes in a global world. Hampton Press, Cresskill, N.J.. ISBN 9781572736948

Wood, Nigel (2008) Technological parallels between Chinese Yue wares and Korean celadons. In: Korea: the past and the present. Global Oriental, Folkestone, pp. 397-417. ISBN 9781901903546

Wright, Alexa (2008) Cover story. [Show/Exhibition]

Wright, Alexa (2008) Opera interna. [Show/Exhibition]

Wright, Alexa and Linney, Alf (2008) Alter ego. [Show/Exhibition]

Wyver, John (2008) Art of faith. [Video]

Wyver, John, Blight, Rosemary and Fleetwood, Alex (2008) The eternity man. [Video]


Xin, Xin (2008) Research into Chinese media organisations. The case of Xinhua Shanghai bureau. Javnost / The Public, 15 (1). pp. 39-56. ISSN 1318-3222

Xin, Xin (2008) Structural Change journalism practice: Xinhua News Agency in the early 2000s. Journalism Practice, 2 (1). pp. 46-63. ISSN 1751-2786

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