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Bate, David (2009) Photography: key concepts. Berg, Oxford. ISBN 9781845206673

Bate, David (2009) Thirty years of British photography. Portfolio: contemporary photography in Britain, 50. ISSN 1354-4446

Beresford, Steve (2009) Ephemera. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Brown, Christie (2009) Ceramics from Great Britain. [Show/Exhibition]

Brown, Christie (2009) Fire and Brimstone. [Show/Exhibition]

Brown, Christie (2009) Reflection in action: practice-based research in the UK. In: 43rd Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, 08 - 11 Apr 2009, Phoenix, Arizona.


Campany, David (2009) Chris Killip. Photoworks, 12. p. 46. ISSN 1742-1659

Campany, David (2009) Eugene Atget's intelligent documents. In: Eugene Atget: photographe de Paris. Errata Editions. ISBN 9781935004004

Campany, David (2009) Historia de arte conceptualo un hogar para 'Homes for America'. Papel Alpha: cuadernos de fotografia, 7. pp. 3-24. ISSN 1136-4831

Campany, David (2009) In the light of the lumieres. In: Seminarene pa Fotogalleriet 2005-2008. Photogalleriet, Oslo, pp. 99-114. ISBN 9788290902068

Campany, David (2009) Interview with David Campany. In: EXTRA no.3, Summer 2009. Fotomuseum, Antwerp, pp. 22-25. ISBN 9789078487159

Campany, David (2009) Motion pictures. In: Mark Lewis: cold morning. Canadian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, pp. 17-21.

Campany, David (2009) Quotations for an essay about editing. Source Magazine, 60. ISSN 1369-2224

Campany, David (2009) Rinko Kawauchi. OjodePez, 16. pp. 90-91. ISSN 1696-0092

Campany, David (2009) William Klein's Tokyo. Photoworks, 13. pp. 14-17. ISSN 1742-1659

Campany, David (2009) Yesterday's everyday and the depiction of work. In: La cotidiano / the everyday. La Fabrica, Madrid, pp. 22-25. ISBN 9788492498802

Chi, Chen Lai (2009) The value chain in the Asian online gaming industry: a case study of Taiwan. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Cumberland, Stuart (2009) Fort/Da. [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, Stuart (2009) Stuart Cumberland. [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, Stuart (2009) Stuart Cumberland, Comma 10. [Show/Exhibition]


D'Arma, A (2009) Broadcasting policy in Italy’s 'Second Republic': national politics and European influences. Media, Culture & Society, 31 (5). pp. 769-786. ISSN 0163-4437

D'Arma, A and Steemers, J (2009) Review of Ofcom policy investigation: "The future of children's television programming". Cultural Trends, 18 (1). pp. 77-82. ISSN 0954-8963

Dawood, Shezad (2009) Feature. [Show/Exhibition]

de Burgh, Hugo (2009) Investigative journalism. In: 21st century communication: a reference handbook. Sage, London, pp. 609-617. ISBN 9781412950305

de Waal, Edmund (2009) Alison Britton and Marit Tingleff. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2009) Better than grey: a serious consideration of colour. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2009) Kettle's Yard at Tate Britain. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2009) Signs and wonders. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2009) Very movable things: new work by Edmund de Waal. [Show/Exhibition]

de Waal, Edmund (2009) A space without discord. In: Dreams made manifest: ceramic art by Halima Cassell. North Lincolnshire Council, pp. 44-51. ISBN 9780953963645

de Waal, Edmund (2009) upside down / inside out. [Show/Exhibition]


Eacott, John (2009) Flood tide. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Eacott, John (2009) Flood tide. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Eacott, John (2009) Flood tide. [Performance] (Unpublished)


Fuchs, Christian (2009) Information and communication technologies and society: a contribution to the critique of the political economy of the Internet. European Journal of Communication, 24 (1). pp. 69-87. ISSN 0267-3231


Gauntlett, David (2009) Media studies 2.0. In: Digital culture: understanding new media. Open University Press, Maidenhead, Berkshire. ISBN 9780335221974

Gauntlett, David (2009) Media studies 2.0: a response. Interactions: studies in communication & culture , 1 (1). ISSN 1757-2681

Gauntlett, David (2009) Wikipedia. In: Digital culture: understanding new media. Open University Press, Maidenhead, Berkshire. ISBN 9780335221974

Gauntlett, David, Ackermann, Edith and Weckstrom, Cecilia (2009) Defining systematic creativity. Project Report. LEGO Foundation, Billund.

Goddard, M. (2009) Gombrowicz, Polish Modernism and the Subverison of Form. Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, Indiana. ISBN 9781612490359

Goddard, M. (2009) Interminable Autonomy: Bifo's Smptomatologies of the Present. Metamute, 2 (14). ISSN 1356-7748

Gover, Nick, Jarvis, John, Abeyesinghe, Siobhan M. and Wathes, Christopher M. (2009) Stimulus luminance and the spatial acuity of domestic fowl (Gallus g. domesticus). Vision Research: an international journal for functional aspects of vision, 49 (23). pp. 2747-2753. ISSN 0042-6989


Hendy, David (2009) John Timpson. In: Oxford dictionary of national biography, 2009 online edition. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Hendy, David (2009) Radio and modernity: time, space and communicative capacity. In: Key readings in media today: mass communication in contexts. Routledge, London & New York. ISBN 9780415992053

Hogg, C. (2009) Re-evaluating the Archive in Stephen Poliakoff's Shooting the Past. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 6 (3). pp. 437-451. ISSN 1743-4521


Jackson, Elizabeth Helen Anthea (2009) Participatory public service media: presenters and hosts in BBC New Media. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Jackson, Lizzie, Gauntlett, David and Steemers, Jeanette (2009) Children in virtual worlds: Adventure Rock users and producers study. Project Report. BBC & University of Westminster, London.

Jackson, Lizzie, Gauntlett, David and Steemers, Jeanette (2009) Virtual worlds: an overview and study of BBC Children’s Adventure Rock. Project Report. BBC & University of Westminster, London.

Jarvis, John, Abeyesinghe, Siobhan M., McMahon, Claire E. and Wathes, Christopher M. (2009) Measuring and modelling the spatial contrast sensitivity of the chicken (Gallus g. domesticus). Vision Research: an international journal for functional aspects of vision, 49 (11). pp. 1448-1454. ISSN 0042-6989


Kavada, Anastasia (2009) Collective action and the social web: Comparing the architecture of and In: Communicative approaches to politics and ethics in Europe: The intellectual work of the 2009 European media and communication doctoral summer school. University of Tartu Press, Tartu, pp. 129-140. ISBN 9789949192502

Kavada, Anastasia (2009) E-mail lists and the construction of an open and multifaceted identity: the case of the London 2004 European Social Forum. Information, Communication & Society, 12 (6). pp. 817-839. ISSN 1369-118X

Kavada, Anastasia (2009) The Internet and decentralized architectures: email lists and the organizing process of the European Social Forum. In: Cyber conflict and global politics. Routledge, London, pp. 188-204. ISBN 9780415459709


Lancaster, David J. (2009) Another one bites the dust. International Journal of Motorcycle Studies (IJMS), 5 (2). ISSN 1931-275X


Mano, Winston (2009) Re-conceptualizing media studies in Africa. In: Internationalizing media studies. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 277-293. ISBN 9780415455305

Mano, Winston (2009) 'Thank God it is Friday': responses to music scheduling on Radio Zimbabwe. Muziki: journal of music research in Africa , 6 (2). pp. 192-220. ISSN 1812-5980

Mano, Winston (2009) Three decades of public television and political power in Zimbabwe: 1980-2009. In: The power of communication: changes and challenges in African media. Oslo Academic Press, Oslo. ISBN 9788274774544

Mansour, Nisrine (2009) Only “civilians” count: the influence of GWOT discourses on governments’ humanitarian responses to terror-related conflicts. In: Civil society under strain: counter-terrorism policy, civil society and aid post-9/11. Kumarian Press. ISBN 9781565492974

Meikle, Graham (2009) British new media. In: Encyclopaedia of journalism: volume 1. Sage, Thousand Oaks, pp. 205-208. ISBN 9780761929574

Meikle, Graham (2009) Interpreting news. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9781403933836

Mey, Kerstin (2009) Interface: report 2. University of Ulster. ISBN 9781905902033

Mey, Kerstin (2009) Object Rehearsal – Études on Lyndsay Mann’s Art. Other. Stills Gallery, Edinburgh.

Mey, Kerstin (2009) The gesture of writing. In: Thinking through art: reflections on art as research. Routledge, London and New York, pp. 201-212. ISBN 9780415576338

Moreno-Esparza, Gabriel A. (2009) Transnational audiences and the reception of television news: a study of Mexicans in Los Angeles. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.


Nötzold, Katharina (2009) Defining the nation? Lebanese television and political elites, 1990-2005. Medien und politische kommunikation, 19 . Frank & Timme, Berlin. ISBN 9783865962423

Nötzold, Katharina (2009) Do the different formats of the Lebanese media constitute a pan-Arab public opinion? In: The Middle East in the media: conflicts, censorship and public opinion. Saqi Books, London, pp. 268-284. ISBN 9780863566585

Nötzold, Katharina (2009) Media and migration in Germany. In: Media and cultural diversity in Europe and North America. Karthala, Paris, pp. 88-110. ISBN 9782811102944


Oh, K.H., Triantaphillidou, S. and Jacobson, R.E. (2009) Perceptual image attribute scales derived from overall image quality assessments. In: Image quality and system performance VI : 19-21 January 2009, San Jose, California, USA. Proceedings of SPIE (7242). IS&T - The Society for Imaging and Science and Technology and SPIE, C1-C12. ISBN 9780819474926

Oppenheimer, Joshua and Uwemedimo, Michael (2009) Show of force: a cinema-séance of power and violence in Sumatra's plantation belt. Critical Quarterly, 51 (1). pp. 84-110. ISSN 1467-8705


Pucill, Sarah (2009) Fall in frame. [Video]


Rawlings, Jini (2009) Longmuir/Laighmuir. [Show/Exhibition]

Rawlings, Jini (2009) Mahabaleshwar. [Show/Exhibition]


Sabry, Tarik (2009) Media and cultural studies in the Arab world: making bridges to local discourses of modernity. In: Internationalizing media studies. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 196-213. ISBN 9780415455305

Sakr, Naomi (2009) Fragmentation or consolidation? Factors in the Oprah-ization of social talk on multi-channel Arab TV. In: Television studies after TV: understanding television in the post-broadcast era. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 168-177. ISBN 9780415477703

Sakr, Naomi (2009) Is the Arab TV viewer a king or a pawn? How Arab broadcasters deal with schedules and audience data. In: The Middle East in the media: conflicts, censorship and public opinion. Saqi Books, London, pp. 131-146. ISBN 9780863566585

Sakr, Naomi (2009) Le public et les 'questions de société' sur les chaînes arabes. In: Les Arabes parlent aux Arabes: La revolution de l'information dans le monde arabe. Editions Sindbad (Actes Sud), Paris, pp. 180-190. ISBN 9782742783953

Seaton, Jean (2009) The BBC and metabolising Britishness: critical patriotism. In: Britishness: perspectives on the British question. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, pp. 72-85. ISBN 9781405192699

Seaton, Jean (2009) In the name of the child. Political Quarterly, 80 (3). pp. 405-406. ISSN 0032-3179

Seaton, Jean and McNicholas, Anthony (2009) It was the BBC wot won it: winning the Peacock Report for the Corporation, or how the BBC responded to the Peacock Committee. In: The Peacock Committee and UK Broadcasting policy. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 121-145. ISBN 9780230524743

Springer, J. (2009) Union Black at the London College of Fashion. [Performance] (In Press)

Sprio, Margherita (2009) Filmic performance: authenticity and the apple. Wide Screen, 1 (1). ISSN 1757-3920

Stair, Julian (2009) The employment of matter: pottery of the Omega workshop. In: Beyond Bloomsbury: designs of the Omega workshops 1913-19. Courtauld Gallery, London. ISBN 9781906257057

Steemers, Jeanette (2009) The thin line between market and quality. Televizion, 22/2009/E. pp. 53-56. ISSN 0943-4755


Tabrizian, Mitra (2009) City, London. [Show/Exhibition]

Thomas, Rosie (2009) MY GOD! WHAT SPEED! Miss frontier mail and the race for box-office gold. In: The Cinema of India. Wallflower Press, London. ISBN 9781905674923

Thompson, Shirley (2009) Odyssey - viola concerto. [Composition]

Thompson, Shirley (2009) Voices of change: 100 days of Barack Obama. [Composition]

Thorburn, Jane (2009) Nollywood 2 doing it right. [Video]

Thussu, Daya Kishan (2009) Why internationalize media studies and how? In: Internationalizing media studies. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 13-31. ISBN 9780415455305

Tong, Jingrong and Sparks, Colin (2009) Investigative journalism in China today. Journalism Studies, 10 (3). pp. 337-352. ISSN 1461-670X

Tsagarousianou, R. (2009) Electronic democracy: rhetoric and reality. European Journal of Communication Research, 24 (2). pp. 189-208. ISSN 1613-4087

Twomey, Clare (2009) Specimen. [Show/Exhibition]


Ursu, Marian F., Zsombori, Vilmos, Wyver, John, Conrad, Lucie, Kegel, Ian and Williams, Doug (2009) Interactive documentaries: a golden age. Computers in Entertainment, 7 (3). ISSN 1544-3574


Verdegem, P., Hauttekeete, L. and De Marez, L. (2009) The analog switch-off in a cable dominated television landscape. Implications for the transition to digital television in Flanders. Communications, 34 (1). pp. 87-101. ISSN 0341-2059

Verdegem, P. and Verhoest, P. (2009) Profiling the non-user: Rethinking policy initiatives stimulating ICT acceptance. Telecommunications Policy, 33 (10-11). pp. 642-652. ISSN 0308-5961

Verdegem, P. and Verleye, G. (2009) User-centered E-Government in practice: A comprehensive model for measuring user satisfaction. Government Information Quarterly, 26 (3). pp. 487-497. ISSN 0740-624X


Watson, Frank (2009) The noise of war, the silence of the photography. In: A fearsome heritage: diverse legacies of the Cold War. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California, pp. 239-251. ISBN 9781598742596

Way, Maria (2009) Art for Christ’s sake. In: Mimesi Verità Fiction: Ripensare l’arte. Sulla scia della Poetica di Artistotele. Poetica & Cristianesimo (3). EDUSC, Rome, pp. 349-358.

Way, Maria (2009) Pro-life issues and the media. In: Issues in media ethics. Media House, Delhi, pp. 248-266. ISBN 8174952202

White, N. (2009) The Body in Contemporary Art. In: The Body in Contemporary Art. Thames & Hudson. ISBN 9780500204009

White, N. (2009) Voids/Vides. A Retrospective of Empty Exhibitions. Centre Pompidou, Kunsthalle Bern, Centre Pompidou-Metz. In: Voids: a retrospective. JRP/Ringier, Paris, France. ISBN 3037640170

Wood, Nigel (2009) Chinese treasures. Ceramic Review, 240. pp. 52-53. ISSN 0144-1825

Wood, Nigel (2009) Some implications of the use of wood ash in Chinese Yue ware glazes of the late Tang dynasty. In: From mine to microscope: advances in the study of ancient technology. Oxbow press, Oxford, pp. 51-59. ISBN 9781842172599

Wood, Nigel, Doherty, Chris and Rosser-Owen, Mariam (2009) A technological study of Iraqi imitations of Chinese Changsha wares and Chinese Sancai wares found at Samarra. In: Gu Taoci Kexue Jishu 8: ISAC ’09. ISAC, Beijing, pp. 154-180.

Wood, Nigel and Tite, Michael (2009) Blue and white – the early years: Tang China and Abbasid Iraq compared. In: Transfer: the influence of China on world ceramics. Colloquies on art & archaeology in Asia (24). University of London, Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, pp. 21-45. ISBN 9780728603875

Wright, Alexa (2009) Out of Order. [Show/Exhibition]

Wright, Alexa, Linney, Alf and Lincoln, Mike (2009) Conversation Piece. [Show/Exhibition]

Wrigley, Amanda (2009) Antigone and the “Theban Maidens” in Aberdeen, 1919. Aberdeen University Review , 62 (2). pp. 118-121. ISSN 0001-320X

Wrigley, Amanda (2009) Louis MacNeice’s radio classics: “all so unimaginably different”? In: Classics for all: reworking antiquity in mass culture. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 39-61. ISBN 9781443801201

Wyver, John (2009) Tv against TV: video art on television. In: Film and video art. Tate publishing, London. ISBN 9781854376077

Wyver, John and Grant, Sebastien (2009) Hamlet. [Video]

Wyver, J. (2009) TV against TV: video art on television. In: Film and Video Art. Tate Publishing, London. ISBN 9781854376077


Xin, Xin (2009) Xinhua News Agency in Africa. Journal of African Media Studies, 1 (3). pp. 363-377. ISSN 2040-199X

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