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Agina, Anulika (2015) Nigerian filmmakers and their construction of a political past (1967-1998). PhD thesis, University of Westminster.

Aitken, J and Brake, J (2015) Temporary Research Space - The Industrial Road Project - Guangzhou. [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)

Aitken, J. (2015) Inaugural Talk - Why Fieldwork? In: Fieldwork Photography Forum, 12 Nov 2015, University of Central Lancashire.


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Bovey, D. (2015) The artist biopic: a historical analysis of narrative cinema, 1934-2010. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

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Campany, D. (2015) A Handful of Dust. MACK, London. ISBN 9781910164389

Campany, D. (2015) Photography as Rehearsal / Rehearsal as Photography. In: Staging Rehearsal. Black Dog Publishing, London. ISBN 9781910433157

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Douglass, C (2015) Collaborative visual ethnography and breast cancer. PhD thesis, University of Westminster.

Dwyer, P (2015) Theorizing media production: the poverty of political economy. Media, Culture & Society, 37 (7). pp. 988-1004. ISSN 1460-3675


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Hallett, L. (2015) The space between: Defining the place for community radio. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Hermes, K., Brookes, T. and Hummersone, C. (2015) The Influence of Dumping Bias on Timbral Clarity Ratings. In: 139th Audio Engineering Society Convention, 29 Oct 2015 to end of 01 Nov 2015, New York, USA.

Herzogenrath-Amelung, H., Troullinou, P. and Thomopoulos, N. (2015) Reversing the order: towards a philosophically informed debate on ICT for transport. In: ICT for Transport: Opportunities and Threats. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 205-225. ISBN 9781783471287


Ingawanij, M.A. (2015) Forces and Volumes. [Show/Exhibition]

Ingawanij, M.A. (2015) Long Walk to Life: the Films of Lav Diaz. Afterall, 40. ISSN 1465-4253



Kavada, A. (2015) Creating the collective: social media, the Occupy Movement and its constitution as a collective actor. Information, Communication & Society, 18 (8). pp. 872-886. ISSN 1369-118X

Kavada, A. (2015) Social Media as Conversation: A Manifesto. Social Media + Society, 1 (1). ISSN 2056-3051

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Lancaster, David J. (2015) Introduction. In: Paul Simonon - Wot No Bike. Anomie Publishing, London. ISBN 9781910221020

Lancaster, David J. (2015) Wot! No bike? The Clash's Paul Simonon paints. UNSPECIFIED.

Leach, Robert and Groves, Andrew (2015) ARCHETYPES. [Show/Exhibition]

Leeson, L (2015) Community Collaborations 1978-2015. In: Community Arts? Learning from the legacy of artists’ social initiatives, 01 Nov 2015, The Black-e, Liverpool.

Leeson, L (2015) Engaging older people in creative thinking: the active energy project. In: Oxford Textbook of Creative Arts, Health and Wellbeing: International perspectives on practice, policy and research. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 245-249. ISBN 9780199688074

Leeson, L. (2015) Active energy - London: capital / climate / culture. In: Deadline@Tate, 04 to end of 06 Dec 2015, Tate Modern. (Unpublished)

Leeson, L. (2015) Cultural policy of the GLC. In: A Greater London: The GLC story 1981-1986, 02 to end of 02 Dec 2015, The Rag Factory, London. (Unpublished)

Leeson, Loraine (2015) Giving More than You Take. In: The Tetley Feast: Documentation and Critical Reflections. Leeds College of Art, Leeds, pp. 81-85. ISBN 9780956197030

Leeson, Loraine and Rai, Nithin (2015) Lambeth Floating Marsh. UNSPECIFIED.


Mangalanayagam, N (2015) Living with contradictions: re-reading the representation of hybridity in visual art. PhD thesis, University of Westminster.

Mano, W. (2015) Racism, Ethnicity and the Media in Africa. In: Racism, Ethnicity and the Media in Africa: Mediating Conflict in the Twenty-first Century. I.B. Tauris, London, 1- 27. ISBN 9781780767055

Marsh, J. (2015) Pestera (2015). [Show/Exhibition] (Unpublished)

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Maziere, M. (2015) Au Revoir, Chantal. Moving Image Review & Art Journal, 4 (1&2). pp. 287-292. ISSN 2045-6298

Maziere, M. (2015) Chantal Akerman NOW. [Show/Exhibition]

Maziere, M. (2015) Contemporary Screen-Based Curatorial Practice. In: Artists' Moving Image Practice in Britain: From 1990 to Today, 07 Nov 2015, Whitechapel Gallery.

McMurdo, W (2015) Children and computers: collected works (1995–2014). PhD thesis, University of Westminster.

Mccauley, C. (2015) Nagaland: Borders, Boundaries, Belonging: Contested spaces and disputed narratives. Journal of Illustration, 2 (2). pp. 287-302. ISSN 2052-0204

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Nassif, H. (2015) Home under siege: Bab al-Hara, televising morality and everyday life in the Levant. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Niblock, S. (2015) From the high ground to the swamp: A model for immersive journalism research. Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, 4 (2). pp. 223-237. ISSN 2001-0818

Novaczek, Ruth (2015) New vernaculars and feminine ecriture; twenty-first century avant-garde film. PhD thesis, University of Westminster.


O'Brien, M. (2015) Movement for Change. Communications Director, 01/201. pp. 42-45.

Orlow, U. (2015) Grey, Green, Gold. UNSPECIFIED.

Orlow, U. (2015) Made-Unmade. [Show/Exhibition]

Orlow, U. (2015) Unmade Film. [Show/Exhibition]


Painter, James (2015) Media representations of uncertainty about climate change. PhD thesis, University of Westminster.

Peters, T. (2015) Book review: Seeing Things: Collected Writing on Art, Craft and Design, Alison Britton. Journal of Modern Craft, 8 (1). pp. 101-103. ISSN 1749-6772

Peters, T. (2015) Laura Potter: Fictional Final Goal. [Show/Exhibition]

Pisano, P., Pironti, M. and Rieple, A. (2015) Identify Innovative Business Models: Can Innovative Business Models Enable Players to React to Ongoing or Unpredictable Trends? Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 5 (3). pp. 181-199. ISSN 2157-5665

Piva, A. (2015) Landscapes of the invisible: sounds, cosmologies and poetics of space. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.

Prakash, E, Navarro-Newball, A, Moreno, I, Arya, A, Contreras, VE, Quiceno, VA, Lozano, S, Mejìa, JD and Loaiza, DF (2015) Gesture based human motion and game principles to aid understanding of science and cultural practices. Multimedia Tools and Applications. pp. 1-24. ISSN 1380-7501

Pucill, S. (2015) Magic Mirror. [Show/Exhibition]


Reynolds, L. (2015) Controlling Agent: Artist and Spectator in the Film Actions of Gill Eatherley and Annabel Nicolson. In: Cinéma Exposé/Exhibited Cinema. ECAL, Lausanne, Dijon. ISBN 9782839914048

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Ross, J. (2015) Ito Takashi: Moving Still. [Show/Exhibition]

Ross, J. (2015) Short Special: Basim Magdy. [Show/Exhibition]


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Seaton, Jean (2015) Pinkoes and traitors: the BBC and the nation 1974-1987. Profile Books, London. ISBN 9781846684746

Seaton, Jean (2015) What would a world without the BBC look like? OpenDemocracy. (Unpublished)

Springer, J. (2015) Finding Fela: Onstage Q&A. [Performance]

Springer, J. (2015) Interview with Lemi Ghariokwu. [Performance]

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Stevens, S. (2015) Kinetics: Fronts and Frontiers. [Performance] (In Press)


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Triscott, N. (2015) Holoturian - Ariel Guzik. [Show/Exhibition]

Triscott, N., Hauser, J., Cohen, R. and Van Balen, T. (2015) Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen: assemble | standard | minimal. [Show/Exhibition]

Tsifouti, A., Triantaphillidou, S., Larabi, M.-C., Bilissi, E. and Psarrou, A. (2015) Comparative performance between human and automated face recognition systems, using CCTV imagery, different compression levels and scene parameters. In: SPIE Electronic Imaging: Image Quality and System Performance XII, Jan 2015, San Fransisco, USA.

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Turajlic, M (2015) Cinema Komunisto: cinema as a memory site. PhD thesis, University of Westminster.


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Vu, T. (2015) Managing Vietnamese newsrooms: the role of internal communication. Doctoral thesis, University of Westminster.


White, N. (2015) Notes for a Manifesto. In: White Heat Symposium, Department of Engineering, Cambridge University in association with Kettles Yard.

White, N. (2015) Secrecy and Art in Practice. In: Politics and Practices of Secrecy, 15 to end of 15 May 2015, Institute of North American Studies, Kings College, London.

White, N. (2015) Sites of Excavation and Construction. [Show/Exhibition]

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