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Watson, V.A. (2018) AIR Grid: Exhibition Extract. [Show/Exhibition]

Watson, V.A. (2018) AIR Grid: Partial Recall. [Show/Exhibition]

Watson, V.A. (2018) Doctor Watson Architects: Bots, Collection. Doctor Watson Architects, Vimeo.

Watson, V.A. (2018) Doctor Watson Architects: Corviale, Collection. Doctor Watson Architects, Vimeo.

Watson, V.A. (2018) Doctor Watson Architects: Plasma Department, Collection. Doctor Watson Architects, Vimeo.

Watson, V.A. (2018) Doctor Watson Architects: Publications in the History & Theory of Architecture. Doctor Watson Architects, Vimeo.

Watson, V.A., Dean, C. and Santo, D. (2018) Trace: Design Project and Critical Reflection. [Artefact] (In Press)

Watson, V.A. (2018) Architectures of Nothing: Aldo Rossi and Raymond Roussel. In: European Architectural History Network Fifth International Meeting, 13 to end of 16 Jun 2018, National Library of Estonia, Tallinn. (In Press)

Watson, V.A. (2018) Doctor Watson Architects: AIR Grid Installations. Doctor Watson Architects, Vimeo.

Watson, V.A. (2018) Doctor Watson Architects: Classic AIR Grid, Collection. Doctor Watson Architects, Vimeo.

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