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Adaikalakoteswari, A., Finer, S., Hitman, G.A., Saravanan, P. and Tripathi, G. (2014) Vitamin B12 deficiency induces adipocyte dysfunction via enhanced cholesterol biosynthesis, unfolded protein response and associated epigenetic marks. In: 41st UK Adipose Tissue Discussion Group, 15 Dec 2014, Norwich.

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Ahmad, W. (2014) Dual-band WLAN Antenna Array with Integrated Filters for Harmonic Suppression. In: 2nd Active and Passive RF Devices Conference, 29 Oct 2014, Birmingham, UK.

Ahmad, W. (2014) Inkjet Printed Bandpass Filters and Filtennas using Silver Nanoparticle Ink on Flexible Substrate. In: Faculty of Science and Technology Postgraduate Fair 2014, 29 Apr 2014, London, UK.

Ahmad, W. and Budimir, D. (2014) Dual-band WLAN Antenna Array with Integrated Filters for Harmonic Suppression. In: IET Active and Passive RF Devices Conference 2014, 29 to end of 29 Oct 2014, Birmingham, UK.

Ahmad, W. and Budimir, D. (2014) Reconfigurable WLAN Notch for UWB Filters. In: 44th European Microwave Conference (EuMC2014), 06 to end of 09 Oct 2014, Rome, Italy.

Ahmad, W. and Budimir, D. (2014) Reconfigurable WLAN Notch for UWB Filters. In: 44th European Microwave Conference, 07 Oct 2014, Rome, Italy.

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Bardi, A. and Döring, A.K. (2014) Values and education: Insights from empirical studies. In: Values and Education, 20 to end of 21 Nov 2014, Edinburgh, UK.

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Bolotov, A and Shangin, V (2014) Tackling Incomplete System Specifcations Using Natural Deduction in the Paracomplete Setting. In: COMPSAC 2014, Jul 2014, Vasteras, Sweden.

Bona, S., Herbert, A., Toneatto, C., Silvanto, J. and Cattaneo, Z. (2014) The causal role of the lateral occipital complex in visual mirror symmetry detection and grouping: an fMRI-guided TMS study. Cortex, 51. pp. 46-55. ISSN 0010-9452

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Can, V.C., Locke, I.C. and Getting, S. (2014) The melanocortin receptor antagonist SHU9119 inhibits the anti-inflammatory/pro-resolving properties of a-MSH and D[TRP8]-y-MSH in lipopolysaccharide stimulated chondrocytes. In: Pharmacology 2014, 16 Dec 2014, Queen Elizabeth Centre II, London, UK.

Cetinsel, S., Morling, R.C.S. and Kale, I. (2014) Nonlinear Phase Filtering Effects on GNSS Receiver Positioning Accuracy. In: 7th ESA Workshop on Satellite Navigation Technologies and European Workshop on GNSS Signals and Signal Processing (NAVITEC), 03 Dec 2014, Noordwijk, Netherlands.

Cetinsel, Sevket (2014) Low power, reduced complexity filtering and improved tracking accuracy for GNSS. PhD thesis, University of Westminster.

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