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Allan, Barbara and Banks, Sheena (2003) Developing a learning community into a community of practice. In: Communities of Practice ALT-C 2003, 8th - 10th September 2003, Sheffield. (Submitted)

Allan, Barbara and Kellie, J. (2003) Management development and social enterprise: making a difference. In: Management theory at work conference , 14th - 16th April 2003, Lancaster University. (Submitted)

Allan, Barbara and Tucker, D. (2003) Developing collaborative team working while teaching very large groups. In: Creativity and Innovation in Academic Practice, BEST Conference, 9th - 11th April 2003, Brighton. (Submitted)

Arkani, Sepideh and Theobald, Robin (2003) Human rights: a bottom line issue?: Some observations on the future of corporate involvement in human rights. In: Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, 03-05 Sep 2003, London, UK. (Submitted)

Allan, Barbara (2003) Learning and developing through virtual group work. In: Democracy in a Knowledge Economy, American Academy of Management Annual Conference, Seattle. (Submitted)

Anderson, S., Allen, J. and Browne, M. (2003) Urban Logistics - How can it meet policy makers sustainability objectives? In: STELLA Focus Group 4, 26 - 27 May 2003, Quebec, Canada.

Angelopoulou, Anastassia, Thomas, Stephanie, Gallahan, P. and Psarrou, Alexandra (2003) A dynamic model for delivering distance learning material via interactive television. In: Second International Conference on Multimedia and ICTs in Education, 03-06 Dec 2003, Badajoz, Spain.


Bosilj-Vuksic, Vesna, Kovacic, Andrej and Hlupic, Vlatka (2003) Business process renovation using discrete-event simulation and workflow management. In: UKSIM 2003: the Sixth National Conference of the UK Simulation Society, 09-11 Apr 2003, Cambridge, UK. (Submitted)

Blake, Andrew and Grundy, Cathy (2003) Computational parsing of melody (Cpm): Interface enhancing the creative process during the production of music. In: 25th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces, 16-19 Jun 2003, Dubrovnik, Croatia. (Submitted)

Beck, Vanessa, Michielsens, Elisabeth, van der Meer, Marc and Roosblad, Judith (2003) Do policies change practices?: ethnic minorities in the Netherlands and the UK. In: International Employment Relations Association Conference, 08-11 Jul 2003, London, UK. (Submitted)

Beck, Vanessa, Clarke, Linda and Michielsens, Elisabeth (2003) Gender and ethnic segregation in the British labour market: marginalisation and inclusion. In: 3rd International Gender Work and Organisation Conference, 25-27 Jun 2003, Keele, UK. (Submitted)

Benamraoui, Abdelhafid (2003) Interest versus non-interest banking model. In: First Greenwich International West-East Conference "Accounting and Finance in Transition: European and Asian Experience and Public Policy Consideration", 10-12 Jul 2003, London, UK. (Submitted)

Burke, A., Diston, E., Hoare, J. and Neale, S. (2003) Project Oracle: the development of a web-based learning resource for construction modules. In: International Conference on Building Education and Research: BEAR 2003, 9 - 11 Apr 2003, The Lowry, Salford, UK.

Browne, M., Jackson, M., Lewis, A., Allen, J. and Anderson, S. (2003) Retail home delivery operations. In: Freight Industry Key Performance Indicators Conference, 10 Apr 2003, London.

Browne, M., Allen, J., Tanner, G., Anderson, S., Christodoulou, G. and Jones, P.M. (2003) Sustainable urban distribution: evaluating policy measures. In: Proceedings of the 8th Logistics Research Network Conference, 10 - 12 Sep 2003, London.

Black, Sue E. and Mole, D. (2003) An initial attempt at validating the alpha metric. In: 7th IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications, 03 - 05 Nov 2003, Marina del Rey, California, USA. (Unpublished)

Barker, Steve and Douglas, Paul (2003) An intelligent teaching tool for CRAS property satisfaction. In: BCS, Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Databases Seminar, part of Twentieth British National Conference on Databases: New Horizons in Information Management, 14 Jul 2003, Coventry, UK. (Submitted)


Camilleri, Raymond and Cohen, Hannah (2003) –455G/A ?-fibrinogen gene polymorphism and venous thromboembolism. In: 43rd annual scientific meeting, British society for haematology (BSH), Glasgow, UK. (Submitted)

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Coakes, Elayne, Bradburn, Anton, Shearer, James and Burke, Terry (2003) Knowledge creation and sharing mechanisms: from head to hands. In: 4th European Conference on Knowledge Management, 18-19 Sep 2003, Oxford, UK. (Submitted)

Coakes, Elayne, Sugden, Gill and Bradburn, Anton (2003) Managing and leveraging knowledge for organisational advantage. In: Knowledge Management Aston Conference, 14-15 Jul 2003, Birmingham, UK. (Submitted)

Cook, Mark, Ekwulugo, Frances and Fallon, Grahame (2003) Start up and motivation factors in the UK, African and Caribbean SME's: an exploratory study. In: 4th Annual Conference of the International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD), 09-12 Apr 2003, London, UK. (Submitted)

Cetin, Ediz (2003) Unsupervised low-complexity signal processing techniques for wireless receivers. In: IEEE UKRI Circuits and Systems Chapter, 17 Dec 2003, London, UK.

Camilleri, Raymond and Cohen, Hannah (2003) Venous thromboembolism and the –455G/A ?-fibrinogen gene polymorphism. In: XIXth Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), , Birmingham, UK. (Submitted)


Di Pietro, G. and Urwin, P.J. (2003) Education and skills mismatch in the Italian graduate labour market. In: Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2003, 07-09 Apr 2003, Warwick, UK.

Davidson, Rob (2003) Enhancing the quality of experience of the business visitor. In: ATLAS 10th International Conference: Quality of life – competing value perspectives in leisure and tourism, 19 - 21 Jun 2003, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. (Unpublished)

Davidson, Rob (2003) Linger longer: how business visitors can be encouraged to extend their visits for leisure purposes. In: International Convention and Expo Summit, 29 - 31 Aug 2003, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong.

d'Inverno, Mark, Luck, Michael and Ashri, Ronald (2003) On identifying and managing relationships in multi-agent systems. In: Eighteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 09-15 Aug 2003, Acapulco, Mexico. (Submitted)

Deakin, Simon, Hudson, Maria and Konzelmann, Suzanne (2003) Phoenix from the ashes?: Labor-management partnerships in Britain. In: 55th Annual Meeting of the Industrial Relations Research Association, 02-05 Jan 2003, Washington, USA. (Submitted)

Di Pietro, Giorgio (2003) The impact of research and teaching quality on the employment outcomes of postgraduates. In: Annual Conference of the British Educational Research Association, 10-13 Sep 2003, Edinburgh, UK. (Submitted)


Ekwulugo, Frances and Johnson, J. (2003) Examining the limits to flexibility in Africa. In: 4th Annual Conference of the International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD), 09-12 Apr 2003, London, UK. (Submitted)

Everington, Tamara, Peebles, Donald, Camilleri, Raymond, Maguire, N. and Cohen, Hannah (2003) Reduction in stillbirth and IUGR with aspirin +/- low molecular weight heparin treatment in pregnancy. In: XIXth Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), , Birmingham, UK. (Submitted)


Freeman, M. and Allan, B. (2003) Comfort, confidence and confidentiality: the experiences of two e-learners. In: TCC 2003: the student experience in online and hybrid courses. Eighth annual teaching in the community colleges online conference, Hawaii.


Graham, Anne (2003) Airports and tourism. In: 5th Brazilian Congress on Tourism Activity (V CBRATUR), Nov 2003, Brasilia, Brazil. (Unpublished)

Gourgoulis, Agathocles, Terstyanszky, Gabor, Kacsuk, Peter K. and Winter, Stephen (2003) Urban traffic simulation based on cluster computing. In: microCAD 2003, 06-07 Mar 2003, Miskolc, Hungary. (Submitted)


Hatzipanagos, Stylianos, Dimitrova, Maia T., Sadler, Chris, Chera, Pav, Milankovic-Atkinson, Maya, Murphy, Alan and Bakry, Walaa Mohamed (2003) Communication protocols for online learning: groupwork and dialogues in discussion forums. In: CAL 2003: 21st Century Learning, 08-10 Apr 2003, Belfast, Ireland. (Submitted)

Hollins, B., Blackman, C. and Shinkins, S. (2003) Design and its management in the service sector: updating the standard. In: 5th European Academy Of Design Conference, 28-30 Apr 2003, Barcelona, Spain.

Hudson, Maria (2003) Disabled people and labour market disadvantage: evolving opportunites, evolving barriers? In: Employment Group Seminar, 20 Mar 2003, London, UK. (Submitted)

Holvad, Torben and Graham, Anne (2003) Efficiency measurement for UK airports: an application of data envelopment analysis. In: VIII European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity, 25 - 27 Sep 2003, University of Oviedo. (Unpublished)

Hlupic, Vlatka, Verbraeck, Alexander and de Vreede, Gert-Jan (2003) Integration of discrete-event simulation and knowledge management; benefits and the way forward. In: UKSIM 2003: the Sixth National Conference of the UK Simulation Society, 09-11 Apr 2003, Cambridge, UK. (Submitted)

Haile, Getinet Astatike (2003) The earnings effect of job displacement. In: Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference, Perth, Scotland. (Submitted)

Hodd, Michael (2003) Training for entrepreneurship. In: Fourth Annual International Conference of the International Academy of African Business and Development, 09-12 Apr 2003, London, UK.

Hlupic, V. and Qureshi, S. (2003) What causes value to be created when it did not exist before?: a research model for value creation. In: Thirty-Sixth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 06-09 January 2003, Hawaii, USA.

Haile, Getinet Astatike (2003) The incidence of youth unemployment in urban Ethiopia. In: 2nd EAF International Symposium on Contemporary Development Issues in Ethiopia, 11-13 Jul 2003, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Submitted)


Jarvis, Simon M. (2003) Differential targetting of the human sodium-dependent vitamin C transporters (h SVCT1 and h SVCT2) and their regulation by hypoxia. In: 3rd International PharmaConference 2003: Transporters and Drugs, 17-21 Aug 2003, Pontresina, Switzerland.


Knowles, Deborah (2003) Ditch-dragging and bridge-building: working towards interdisciplinarity in women's entrpreneurship research. In: 13th Annual Small Business and Enterprise Development Conference, 03-04 Apr 2003, Surrey, UK. (Submitted)

Komoss, R. and Black, Sue E. (2003) Internationalisation of computer science curricula leading to increased uptake by female students. In: International Summer Meeting of "Euro-Asian Co-operation", July 2003, Mediterranean Institute of Technology, Scientific and Technologic Park, Marseille, France. (Unpublished)

Knowles, Deborah and Hales, Colin (2003) Segregated authority: first-line manager roles in single gender reporting lines. In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 15-17 Sep 2003, Harrogate, UK. (Submitted)


Lovett, F., Gonzalez, M., Carter, E., Cobb, L., Salih, D., Tripathi, G., Holding, C. and Pell, J. (2003) Crosstalk between IGF signalling and cadherin-mediated cell adhesion promotes myogenic differentiation. In: 194th Meeting of the Society for Endocrinology and Society for Endocrinology joint with Diabetes UK Endocrinology and Diabetes Day, 03 to end of 05 Nov 2003, London, UK.

Lalehparvar, Laleh, Budimir, Djuradj and Koulouzis, Helias (2003) Electromagnetic modelling of planar rectangular waveguide resonator structures. In: EPSRC PREP 2003, 14-16 Apr 2003, Exeter, UK.

Lucas, K. (2003) Transport and social exclusion: a G7 comparison study. In: Annual European Transport Conference, 08-10 Oct 2003, Strasbourg, France.


Marsh, Sheila, Dolan, Trevor, Cameron, Marsaili, Cranfield, Steven, Stone, Jud, Stevens, Rosie and Craven, Nancy (2003) Leading from the front may mean asking questions, not issuing instructions: how can leadership research convert to a Masters degree? In: 2nd International Conference on Leadership Research, 15th - 16th December 2003, University of Lancaster Management School. (Unpublished)

Moschos, Sterghios A., Bramwell, Vincent W. and Alpar, H. Oya (2003) Considerations in the antigen-stimulated, primed, primary splenocyte culture model as an in vitro vaccine screening tool. In: Proceedings of the 30th International Symposium for the Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials, 19 - 23 Jul 2003, Glasgow.

Mohamed, Souad (2003) Mapping indirect human costs to their derivers. In: 8th Annual Conference of UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS 2003), 9-11 Apr 2003, Warwick, UK.

Macii, Davit, Demirsoy, Suleyman S., Carbone, Paulo and Kale, Izzet (2003) Performance analysis of PC-based development systems with onboard ADC/DACs for digital signal processing applications. In: Eighth IMEKO TC-4 Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing, 08-10 Sep 2003, Perugia, Italy. (Submitted)

Minocha, Shailey, Dawson, Liisa, Petre, Marian and Modi, S. (2003) Usability evaluations of (B2C) e-commerce environments. In: Workshop 6: Exploiting the Total Customer Experience: Usability Evaluations of (B2C) E-Commerce Environments: Interact 2003, 01-05 Sep 2003, Zurich, Switzerland. (Submitted)

Madani, Kambiz and Lohi, Mahi (2003) A novel architecture for reconfiguration of next generation of wireless mobile networks. In: 10th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT'2003), 23 Feb - 01 Mar, Tahiti, Papeete, french Polynesia. (Submitted)


Nowman, K. Ben and Saltoglu, Burak (2003) Forecasting Japanese interest rates: an empirical analysis. In: 2nd International Conference of the Japan Economic Policy Association, 29-30 Nov 2003, Nagoya, Japan. (Submitted)

Níguez, Trino Manuel and Rubia, Antonio (2003) Forecasting the conditional covariance matrix of a portfolio under long-run temporal dependence. In: X Forum of Finance, Seville, Spain. (Submitted)

Nash, M.J., Camilleri, Raymond, Kunka, S., Mackie, I.J., Machin, S.J. and Cohen, Hannah (2003) A proposed ISTH revised classification for the antiphospholipid syndrome. In: XIXth Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), , Birmingham, UK. (Submitted)


Pelletier, Christine, Chaussalet, Thierry J. and Millard, Peter H. (2003) Modelling survival in long term care of older people. In: 1st MEDINF International Conference on Medical Informatics and Engineering (MEDINF 2003), 06-09 Oct 2003, Craiova, Romania. (Submitted)

Petsa, A., Afoke, A.N., Chowdrey, H.S., Knight, R.A., Harris, A.B. and Locke, Ian C. (2003) The behaviour of C-20/A4 chondrocytes in 3-D collagen gel cultures. In: OARSI 2003 World Congress on Osteoarthritis, October 2003, Berlin, Germany.

Plaks, T.P., Megson, G.M., Cadenas, O. and Alexandrov, V.N. (2003) A linear algebra processor using Monte Carlo methods. In: 2003 MAPLD International Conference, 09 - 13 Dec 2003, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington D.C..


Rose, Amanda (2003) Facing up to ethical issues in qualitative research. In: Emerging Complexity in Conducting Qualitative Research in Psychology, 10-11 Apr 2003, Leeds, UK. (Submitted)


Shelkovnikov, A.B., Shelkovnikov, B.N. and Budimir, D. (2003) Broadband wireless access systems. In: 11th Telecommunication Forum (TELFOR 2003), 25-27 Nov 2003, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.

Stanworth, John, Healeas, Simon, Purdy, David, Watson, Anna and Stanworth, Celia (2003) Entrepreneurial teams, intellectual capital acquisition and knowledge management: new perspectives on franchising. In: 17th Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, 14-16 Feb 2003, Texas, USA. (Submitted)

Sacks, R, Tansley, C and Newell, S (2003) Generative knowledge integration in e-learning staff development courses. In: Organizational Knowledge and Learning Conference 2003, Jun 2003, Lancaster, UK.

Stierer, Barry and Antoniou, Maria (2003) HE teachers researching their own practice: the possibilities for hybrid methodologies in practitioner research. In: Annual Conference of the British Educational Research Association, 11-13 Sept 2003, Edinburgh, UK.

Shelkovnikov, Alexander B. and Budimir, Djuradj (2003) Novel waveguide E-plane bandpass filters in planar form. In: 2003 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, 04-07 Nov 2003, Seoul, South Korea. (Submitted)

Shortland, S. (2003) Observing teaching in HE: a case study of classroom observation within peer observation. In: LTSN-BEST Conference, 09 Apr 2003, Brighton.

Shah, C.M., Locke, Ian C., Chowdrey, Hardial S. and Gordge, Michael P. (2003) Role of protein disulphide isomerase in NO delivery from S-nitrosothiols into megakaryocytes. In: 4th UK Nitric Oxide Forum, December 2003, University of Nottingham, UK. (Submitted)

Stierer, Barry (2003) Teaching university/research university: the debate. In: Annual Teaching and Learning Conference of the Council for Hospitality Management Education, Nov 2003, Eastbourne, UK. (Submitted)

Speckesser, Stefan (2003) The aggregate impact of active labour market policy in Germany and the UK. In: Annual Congress of the German Economic Association, 30 Sep - 03 Oct 2003, Zurich, Switzerland. (Submitted)

Speckesser, Stefan (2003) The aggregate impact of active labour market policy in Germany and the UK. In: Annual Meeting ENTER (European Network for Training in Economic Research) Jamboree, 22-23 Jan 2003, Tilburg, Netherlands. (Submitted)

Speckesser, Stefan (2003) The aggregate impact of active labour market policy in Germany and the UK. In: SASE 2003: Knowledge, Education, and Future Societies: 15th Annual Meeting on Socio-Economics, 26-28 Jul 2003, Aix-en-Provence, France. (Submitted)

Speckesser, Stefan (2003) The aggregate impact of active labour market policy in Germany and the UK. In: ESPE 2003: Annual Congress of the European Society for Population Economics, 13-15 Jun 2003, New York, USA. (Submitted)

Stanley, Edmund and Tyler, Katherine (2003) Trust in financial services business relationships. In: 15th UK Services Marketing Workshop, 23-26 Oct 2003, Liverpool, UK. (Submitted)

Salter-Dvorak, Hania (2003) Using our learners' cultural resources to create a schema for understanding plagiarism in academic writing. In: BALEAP Conference 2003: Developing Academic Literacy, 10-12 Apr 2003, Southampton, UK. (Submitted)

Sahin-Dikmen, M. and Barnes, H. (2003) Working with interpreters and translators in qualitative research – issues of quality and equality. In: Annual Conference of the Social Research Association, London.

Shen, Guohua and Budimir, Djuradj (2003) A high-Q multilayer combline resonators. In: 2003 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, 04-07 Nov 2003, Seoul, South Korea. (Submitted)


Till, Jeremy and Wigglesworth, Sarah (2003) Don't mess with Mies. In: More or Less Mies: Reflections on 21st Century Art and Architecture, Feb 2003, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. (Unpublished)

Till, Jeremy (2003) Background/foreground. In: Association of Architectural Librarians, July 2003. (Unpublished)

Trimble, A., Tyler, K. and Schurr, P. (2003) Characterizing online and off-line communications in business relationships. In: 19th Industrial Marketing & Purchasing Conference, 03-05 Sep 2003, Lugano, Switzerland.

Tarczynski, Andrzej, Allay, Najib and Qu, Dongdong (2003) Reconstruction of nonuniformly sampled periodic signals. In: SAMPTA'03, 26-30 May 2003, Strobl, Austria.

Tanega, Joseph (2003) The emergence of enterprise risk management systems: case study of global investment bank with Sarbanes Oxley and Operational Risk Quantification. In: Risk Management Congress, 2003, Harrigton Hall, London, UK. (Submitted)

Tanega, Joseph (2003) The emergence of enterprise wide risk management as a discipline, trends and expectations. In: IACON, 2003, London, UK. (Submitted)


Urwin, Peter J. (2003) How many futures for UK higher education?: strategic choices facing UK universities in light of the government's recent white paper. In: 5th Athens Institute for Education and Research, International Conference on Education, 23-24 May 2003, Athens, Greece. (Submitted)


Valappil, Sabeel P., Bucke, Christopher and Roy, Ipsita (2003) Biosynthesis of medium chain length polyhydroxyalakanoic acids by Streptomyces coelicolor. In: ICBP 2003. Proceedings of the 1st IUPAC International Conference on Bio-Based Polymers, 12 - 14 Nov 2003, Saitama, Japan.

Vasiu, Luminita (2003) Security Web services based on trust. In: 5th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS'03), 22-26 Apr 2003, Angers, France. (Submitted)


Widdis, Dianna and Gleeson, E. (2003) Student perspectives of peer assessment in the context of collaborative learning. In: Work-based Learning Networks of the Universities Association for Continuing Education Conference, Nov 2003, Nicosia, Cyprus. (Submitted)


Yang, Xiaofan, Megson, Graham M. and Evans, David J. (2003) A fast diagnosis algorithm for crossed cube connected multicomputer systems under the Maeng-Malek model. In: 4th IEEE workshop on WRT and high level testing, Xi'an, China . (Submitted)

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