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Aitken, J. (2016) Promising Home. [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)


Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Monsters Of the Machine. [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, S. (2016) Handmade Colour Pictures. [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, S. (2016) The Painting Show. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Art in the age of asymmetrical ... warfare. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Big Bang Data. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Electronic Superhighway (2016 – 1966). [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Nuclear Material Culture. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Party Booby Trap. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Perpetual Uncertainty. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Real Time: Art en temps real. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Stutterer. [Show/Exhibition]

Craighead, A. and Thomson, J. (2016) Tecnologies de la violència. [Show/Exhibition]


Dawood, S. (2016) Kalimpong. [Show/Exhibition]


Evans, G. (2016) Migrants what does home mean to you? [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)


Fusari, M. (2016) The Tentmakers of Islamic Cairo. [Show/Exhibition]


Groves, Andrew and Leach, Robert (2016) The Vanishing Art of Camouflage. [Show/Exhibition]


Heron, K. (2016) ADAPTr. [Show/Exhibition]


Ingawanij, M.A. (2016) Southern Collectives. [Show/Exhibition]


Marsh, J. (2016) Salat (2016). [Show/Exhibition]

Maziere, M. (2016) Cinema of the Body. [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)

Mccauley, C. (2016) 100 years of graphic communication by women at CSM. [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)


Oppenheimer, J. (2016) Joshua Oppenheimer Early Works. [Show/Exhibition]


Peters, T. (2016) Guest curator of Anthony Shaw Collection. [Show/Exhibition]


Ross, J. (2016) Game Play: Artists playing video games. [Show/Exhibition]

Ross, J. (2016) Fluorescent Chrysanthemum. [Show/Exhibition]

Ross, J. (2016) STILL MOVING – Een expositie van diafilms. [Show/Exhibition]

Ross, J. (2016) Cosmos - Takashi Makino. [Show/Exhibition]


Stringer, B. (2016) Re-imagining Rurality. [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)

Scott, D. (2016) FAB FEST '16 - International Fabrication Festival. [Show/Exhibition] (Unpublished)

Scott, D. (2016) Digital Fabrication Workshop 2016. [Show/Exhibition] (Unpublished)

Soezen, D. (2016) Kahvehane Kongresspark. [Show/Exhibition]


Triscott, N., Harwood, G., Kurtz, S. and Lastra, C. (2016) Graveyard of Lost Species - Critical Art Ensemble / YoHa. [Show/Exhibition]

Triscott, N. and Steadman, A. (2016) Notes from the Field: Commoning Practices in Art and Science. [Show/Exhibition]

Tabrizian, M. (2016) ‘You don’t know what nights are like?’ – public art project. [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)


Visnjic, F. (2016) ACT Festival 2015. [Show/Exhibition]


White, N. and O'Connell, T (2016) 9 Events. [Show/Exhibition]

Wright, A. (2016) Hybrid Bodies. [Show/Exhibition]

White, N. (2016) Neal White realises a Skoob. [Show/Exhibition]

Wright, A. (2016) Phantom Limb. [Show/Exhibition] (In Press)

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