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Hodges, C., Creutzfeldt, N. and MacLeod, S. (2014) Reforming the EU Consumer ADR Landscape: Implementation and its Issues (policy brief from 2014 ADR conference in Oxford). UNSPECIFIED. The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society.

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Catterall, Peter (2014) Labour and the politics of alcohol: the decline of a cause. Other. Institute of Alcohol Studies, London.

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Babić, O., Bolić, T., Castelli, L., Cook, A.J., Delgado, L., Ivanov, N., Jovanović, R., Marcotte, E., Rigonat, D., Tanner, G. and Tošić, V. (2014) SATURN D1.1 - Data Management (main report). Project Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

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Creutzfeldt, N. and Gill, C. (2014) The Impact and Legitimacy of Ombudsman and ADR Schemes in the UK (policy brief from ombudsmen workshop in Oxford 2014). UNSPECIFIED. The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society.

Burchell, K., Rettie, R. and Roberts, T. (2014) Working together to save energy? Report of the Smart Communities project. Project Report. Kingston University, London.

Lister, J and Waddington, K (2014) Academic-practitioner knowledge sharing inside higher education institutions. Project Report. Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, London.

Youngs, G. (2014) Designing the Digital Economy: Embedding Growth Through Design, Innovation and Technology. Technical Report. Policy Connect, London.

Babić, O., Bolić, T., Castelli, L., Cook, A.J., Corolli, L., Delgado, L., Jovanović, R., Labbé, M., Lazarević, M., Marcotte, E., Netjasov, F., Rigonat, D., Tanner, G. and Tošić, V. (2014) SATURN D2.1 - Future airspace congestion - a users' discussion guide. Project Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Wall, C and Clarke, L (2014) Are women ‘not up to’ working in construction – at all times and everywhere? Other. The Smith Institute, London.

Levy, R., Little, S., Clough, P., Nutbrown, C., Bishop, J., Lamb, T. and Yamada-Rice, D. (2014) Attitudes to Reading and Writing and their Links with Social Mobility 1914-2014: An Evidence Review. Project Report. Booktrust, London.

Pilkington, Karen and CAM-Cancer Consortium, . (2014) Artemisia absinthium. Project Report. National Information Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIFAB), CAM-Cancer Database.

Cerqua, Augusto and Pellegrini, Guido (2014) Beyond the SUTVA: how policy evaluations change when we allow for interactions among firms. Working Paper. Sapienza Universita di Roma. (Unpublished)

Wright, A.M., Clarke, L., Michielsens, E., Snijders, S. and Williamson, M. (2014) Business Case for diversity in the scientific workforce. Project Report. Royal Society.

Clarke, Richard and Anteric, Marija (2014) Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project Final Evaluation and Completion Report. Technical Report. Cornwall Council and CEPAR, Scorrier, UK.

Leonardi, Jacques (2014) Etude de faisabilite d'un centre de distribution inter urbain Luxembourgeois. Project Report. Luxmobility, Luxembourg. (Unpublished)

Bibby, David, Buscha, Franz, Cerqua, Augusto, Thomson, Dave and Urwin, Peter (2014) Further development in the estimation of labour market returns to qualifications gained in English Further Education using ILR-WPLS Administrative Data. Project Report. Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

D'Costa, S., Urwin, P.J., Hedges, P.F., Rich, V. and Lister, M. (2014) Housing policy in high-density global cities: a cost benefit model of sub-market rental accommodation in Central London. Technical Report. Dolphin Square Foundation.

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Dorsett, R., Rienzo, C., Rolfe, H., Burns, H., Robertson, B-A., Thorpe, B. and Wall, K. (2014) Mind the Gap. Project Report. Education Endowment Foundation.

Gilson, Cedric (2014) Moving to the other side of Luhmann's Binary Distinction: Perspectives for Legal Change over Assisted Dying. Working Paper. University of Westminster, London.

Browne, M. and Allen, J. (2014) Smarter deliveries: Phase 1 Project Report. Project Report. Transport for London.

Arthur, J., Kristjansson, K., Thomas, H., Holdsworth, M., Confalonieri, L.B. and Qiu, T. (2014) Virtuous Character for the Practice of Law. Project Report. University of Birmingham, Birmingham.

Clarke, Richard and Anteric, Marija (2014) Windermere Reflections Landscape Partnership Final Evaluation. Technical Report. CEPAR.

Lloyd-Jones, Tony, Theis, Michael, Adenekan, Samuel, Gusah, Simon and Mutter, Michael (2014) The informal housing development process in Nigeria: the case of Kaduna. Project Report. MLC Press, London.

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