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ten Brink, Joram and Oppenheimer, Joshua (2013) Invincible. [Moving Image] (In Press)

Pucill, Sarah (2013) Magic mirror. [Moving Image]

ten Brink, Joram (2013) The call. [Moving Image] (In Press)


Wyver, John (2012) Julius Caesar. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2012) Joy, it's Nina. [Moving Image]

Oppenheimer, Joshua and ten Brink, Joram (2012) The act of killing. [Moving Image]


Szczelkun, Stefan (2010) Voice-over on Graham Harwood's 'Steam powered computer' video. [Moving Image]

Wyver, John and McCarthy, John (2010) Art of faith. [Moving Image]

Wyver, John and Grant, Sebastien (2010) Macbeth. [Moving Image]

Pucill, Sarah (2010) Phantom rhapsody. [Moving Image]

Bringas, Sylvie (2010) There is nothing wrong with my uncle by Dul Johnson. [Moving Image]


Szczelkun, Stefan (2009) DVD 'Creating a movement'. [Moving Image]

Pucill, Sarah (2009) Fall in frame. [Moving Image]

Wyver, John and Grant, Sebastien (2009) Hamlet. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2009) Nollywood 2 doing it right. [Moving Image]

Thomson, Jon and Craighead, Alison (2009) Several Interruptions: Web commission for the relaunch of The Arts Council of England website. [Moving Image]


Wyver, John (2008) Art of faith. [Moving Image]

Szczelkun, Stefan (2008) Creating a movement: the struggle for inclusive education in the UK 1990 - 2006. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2008) Nollywood just doing it. [Moving Image]

Wyver, John (2008) Spider in the city: la machine in Liverpool. [Moving Image]

Wyver, John and Blight, Rosemary and Fleetwood, Alex (2008) The eternity man. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2008) The family legacy. [Moving Image]


ten Brink, Joram (2007) Arts on Film Archive. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2007) El Sabor del Solar. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2007) God is great. But what can I make of my life? [Moving Image]


Oppenheimer, Joshua (2006) Short films 2001-3. [Moving Image]


Wyver, John (2005) The art of Henry Moore. [Moving Image]

Dawood, Shezad (2005) For a few rupees more. [Moving Image]


Bringas, Sylvie and Forsberg, Monika (2004) His passionate bride. [Moving Image]

ten Brink, Joram (2004) Puerto Rico trench. [Moving Image]

ten Brink, Joram (2004) Conversation with architects. [Moving Image]

ten Brink, Joram (2004) Journey through the night. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2004) La Familia Aspirina. [Moving Image]


Oppenheimer, Joshua and Cynn, Christine (2003) The globalisation tapes. [Moving Image]

Bringas, Sylvie and Morgan, Robert (2003) The separation. [Moving Image]


Bringas, Sylvie and Dognini, Liana (2002) Bye bye. [Moving Image]

Wyver, John (2002) theEYE. [Moving Image]


Bringas, Sylvie (2001) Room service: a short experimental film (5mins 30 sec) scripted and directed by Bringas that explores the notion of the hotel room as a virtual space where identities fluctuate. [Moving Image]

Wyver, John and Grant, Sebastien (2001) Macbeth. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (2001) The Lift: Dance for Camera. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1999) S.O.S. Songs of Seduction: Sound on Film. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1998) Pull: a sculptural dance. [Moving Image]


ten Brink, Joram (1997) 'The man who couldn’t feel’ and other tales. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1995) Alagba: a Water Spirit Masquerade. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1994) Chief Chief! [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1994) TV Operas: Camera. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1994) TV Operas: The Empress. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1994) The score: Series. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1993) The Jazz Package: Series. [Moving Image]

ten Brink, Joram (1993) The winter hunt. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1992) The dazzling image: series 2. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1991) Les Ballets Africains. [Moving Image]


ten Brink, Joram (1990) Going home. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1990) Gran Gran Fiesta! [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1990) Tales of Faith and Foxes. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1990) The dazzling image: series 1. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1989) Circus Lumiere. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1988) Alter Image: Series 3. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1988) Artrage. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1988) The Greatest Show on Earth. [Moving Image]

ten Brink, Joram (1988) Jacoba. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1988) Shenyang Acrobatic Group. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1987) Alter Image: Series 2. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1987) Map of Dreams: Four part series. [Moving Image]

ten Brink, Joram (1987) A door in the wall. [Moving Image]


ten Brink, Joram (1986) Common ground. [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1985) The Fifth Alternative Miss World. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1985) Pookiesnackenburger in... [Moving Image]


Thorburn, Jane (1983) Alter Image: Series 1. [Moving Image]

Thorburn, Jane (1983) Between the Acts. [Moving Image]


Watson, Victoria A. and Haralambidou, Penelope and Lai, Chee-Kit and Dewdney, Max The Architecture of Looking. [Moving Image] (Unpublished)

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