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Adelaja, Oluwaseun and Keshavarz, Tajalli and Kyazze, Godfrey (2014) Enhanced biodegradation of phenanthrene using different inoculum types in a microbial fuel cell. Engineering in Life Sciences, 14 (2). pp. 218-228. ISSN 1618-0240

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Ahmad, Waqas and Budimir, Djuradj (2014) Reconfigurable WLAN notch for UWB filters. In: 44th European Microwave Conference (EuMC2014), October 5-10, 2014, Rome, Italy. (Submitted)

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Bowie, Duncan (2014) Briefing note on housing for TCPA Round Table on Further Alterations to the London Plan. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

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